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We gave a whole new perspective to enabling mobile technology that lowered the cost of delivering services and improving workforce performance for our client SKGF, famous for the handling IP suit of Apple vs. Samsung. Through our optimized docketing application we have helped their attorneys stay well ahead of time and save hundreds of productive hours.

Rethinking and reshaping the entire operations to get the most out of technology, we built a customized broker portal for Sterling Risk, which has transformed their operations, helped them take hundreds of brokers on board and made them become a preferred choice of their customers.

Partnering with Reidmark, we led a reformist view of conducting business through technology for Broadland Housing Group. We automated their property survey, streamlined their customer experience and introduced a speedy allocation of work schedules to the operatives.

We re-architected the monolithic web front of Groupon to a unified front end to reduce the performance limitations and perfectly complement the aggressive growth strategy that Groupon is pursuing.

We got together with NBC Universal to revamp their Astrology and iVillage portals. We went on to craft highly polished, scalable, feature-rich and responsive solutions that work seamlessly on mobile and web platforms.