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Web Application Development

Delivering fast, advanced and customized web apps; perfectly suited for your business needs!


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We build web applications with high levels of functionality and awesomeness, to help you realize your most ambitious and complex projects.

These solutions have empowered them to simplify their workflows, increase productivity, enhance customer service and control operating costs.


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Below are some of the services that we’ve offered to our clients in the past. Let us know exactly what your needs are by filling the form below.

Bring your idea to life by building a prototype.

Bring your idea to life by building a prototype.

We always consider the bigger picture while we scope the minimum requirements for your product. We’ve built prototypes, MVP’s and full scale web applications blazingly fast so as to reduce your time to market.

End to End Product Development

End to End Product Development

We help our clients define actionable road maps for building their products. We’re known for creating the most beautiful and intuitive user interfaces across multiple platforms, along with crafting just the right technology solutions.

Have a failing project. Conduct a rescue mission.

Have a failing project. Conduct a rescue mission.

If your last development team left things messy and unfinished, we’re ready to pick up the pieces and help your project get back on track.

Hire a Virtual Team

Hire a Virtual Team

Our staff augmentation services allow you to sidestep those time-consuming tasks and place top notch professionals in the positions you need to fill, saving you both time and money.

Get your product thoroughly tested.

Get your product thoroughly tested.

Our testing services includes:
Test Cases Development
Functional & Non-Functional Testing
System Integration Testing
Automated Testing, Script Development and Execution
Regression Testing

Enhance & support your existing product.

Enhance & support your existing product.

Panold Biz Solutions provides a robust and extensive support model, covering all possible failure points. We offer level 1, 2 & 3 support, 24/7 coverage and can handle any requests for enhancements.

A development process that simply works.

We practice an effective and a transparent way for your development process
Here’s what we do!

Defining and Creating Wireframes

Creative concepts/visuals are developed to support the overall strategy and objectives.

User Stories Identification

We usually all possible behaviors of your product’s functionality set into user stories.

Always Available Running Product

Development, testing and production of the server on the server.

Highly skilled team available round the clock

A highly skilled team of professionals is available round the clock to help.

Code Reviews, Bug Fixing and Testing

It’s on us. You don’t get charged for this.

Daily Video Scrum

You want to see people working for you, right?


It’s been more than a year since Groupon partnered with Panold Biz Solutions. We principally planned to utilize Panold Biz Solutions as only an engineering vendor, but have been thrilled with their level of expertise and often consulted them on architectural decisions and scale issues.They are participants in our sprints and stand-ups, and give us the ability to develop round the clock. Their work is high quality and I particularly appreciate them for never being afraid to voice an opinion when it counts.- Umair Bashir (Director) - Groupon Goods
The team at Panold Biz Solutions is easily some of the most dedicated, talented and professional developers I have worked with. Undertaking a complex and detailed Ruby on Rails application from scratch they have followed diligent agile practices and worked with me to build a structured sprint plan, user stories and acceptance criteria that has given me full confidence in achieving my goals. Happily recommended.- Philip Mossop (Founding Director) - the green house

In order to demonstrate the quality of our work, free 40 hours proof of concept and only ask you to move forward with us if you like our work.

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Panold Biz Solutions in a Nutshell


We’ve evolved over a period of 15 years acquiring skills and expertise by designing, developing and deploying the smartest solutions for the world’s leading companies.


Being the tech-zealots that we are, our passion has been recognized on various fronts. We’re the ‘Fastest Growing IT Company in the Region’ and considered ‘Best IT Consulting Company’ for providing exceptional services.


Relentlessly pursuing solutions where others fail, we’ve served in the most diverse set of vertical spectrums. Our development heritage of over a decade has given us expertise to solve any product development challenge in any industry.


With a workforce of 180+ forwarding thinking engineers who are experts at the latest programming languages, we are passionately equipped to transform the business of our next customer.